mini detacher №1 – 12000Gs

Price: $45


What makes this thing a beast compared to that AliExpress crap:


1. Small and stealthy, you know what I'm sayin'?
Dimensions: 38mm diameter; 13mm height
Weight: 110 grams
- Keeps a low profile;
- Easy to stash;
- Smooth to operate.

2. Guaranteed power: 12000gs
- Yanks off all kinds of standard tags, even the beefed-up ones;
- Built with top-shelf magnets, custom-made for this beast;
- Sold over 1000 units, and everyone's lovin' it;
- Reviews are fire, pure satisfaction;
- YouTube's got tons of vids showing it in action.

3. Tough as nails:
Assembled with my own secret sauce, drop it on concrete, it don't give a damn, power stays strong.


Why Chinese knockoffs are trash:


1. You're gambling with those, man. I used to buy from AliExpress, and a third of the time, the magnets were junk, assembled by a blindfolded monkey.

Wanna know about different tag types? Head here:

Here's the crap they try to pass off:

- One big magnet, and that's it, good luck with that.

- Three magnets, lookin' all fancy, but they ain't worth a dime.

- They got the design right, but they're tiny, no power whatsoever.

- And the worst part - assembled correctly, but the magnets are garbage, lose their power faster than a cheetah on roller skates.

2. Those bulky magnets scream "I'm up to no good," impossible to hide.

3. Wanna take apart a Chinese one and make it better? Forget it, it'll fall apart. And putting it back together? You need a PhD in magnet science, a toolbox from NASA, and a whole lotta time.

Bottom line:

My detacher blows those Chinese toys out of the water. I've been usin' it for years, customers love it.
Cooked it up back in 2010 for myself, and now people are thanking me every damn day for this bad boy.

Oh, and I throw in some free plastic tags for practice, so you can get good, real quick.



FAQ (people ask this a lot, so listen up):

Does it beep on those gates?

Nah, it's silent. Only if they got some super high-tech system that reacts to aluminum cases or something.

What about those sticker tags? Will they still sound the alarm?

Sticker tags, those are just tiny sensors. The gates can see 'em. Seriously, read up on tag types, people are always confusin' them.

What's with the goop? Does it get all over the place? And why the metal thing around the magnets?

That's some special glue, hardens like a rock, won't leave a mark. Magnets are squeezed together with crazy force, needs a strong hold. Drop it without it, you'll regret it, plus it won't work the same. I make this stuff to last, you feel me?

How do I open those security boxes (the ones they put stuff in)?

You put it against that little bump on the box and figure it out. Each brand's got its own trick: some you slide, some you gotta find a hidden latch, some have buttons. You'll get the hang of it. Watch the videos, it's all there.

How do I open those "Spider" tags? Do they beep when you open them?

Easier to show than tell, man. It only beeps when you're closing it, when you're taking it off, it's quiet. Anyway, you put it against that round thingy, press the button on the side, it pops out, and you're good.

Does it open all "Spider" tags?

Yep, all of 'em, except the ones that say 2Alarm, 3Alarm. You need a different tool for those - the Alpha S3 detacher.

What about tags with ink inside? Will it spill all over me?

Nah, those ink capsules are tough, they won't break. My detacher works like the ones they use at the store, smooth and clean.

Why's this thing stronger than the ones they got in stores?

Different magnets, homie, way stronger. And the size, the shape, it's all been calculated to maximize that power.

Is it illegal to remove a tag if I don't actually steal anything?

As long as you don't leave the store with it, you're good.




Easy tutorial on opening those super tight tags:



What's the difference between this and the #2 and #3? Find out here:



Heads up:

Detachers #1, #2, and #3 don't work on SuperTag. You need a special hook for those bad boys:



Here's what a SuperTag looks like: